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Canada’s new pot regime is working out with the enforcement of new rules and the supply chain after the cannabis was legalized in Canada.

Before the law is enforced, key objectives were listed by the Canada federal government. This includes, prevent children and youth to involve with weed, ensure the weed product is safe and quality in the supply chain, across the country.

So the question is, will the objectives meet after the legalization? CTVNews will investigate and measure some of the promises made by the Canada Government.

Objective Number 1: “Keep cannabis away from children”

Adults with age of 18 or older can purchase the weed legally as per Cannabis Act in Canada. The amount of weed that can be purchased and possessed is small. Each and every provinces and territories in Canada can impose their own age limitation. However, the lowest age that can purchase weed legally must be at least 18 year old.

With the age restriction enforced by the law, it does not mean that those children or under aged teens and kids will not get their hand away from weed and cannabis. However, it does help to legally reduce the cannabis and weed consumption among them.

Objective Number 2: “Reduce number of Canadians with criminal records.”

Cannabis Act is also helped in reducing the Canadian justice system’s burden. This is due to the fact that the Act will eliminate the criminal charges. There is a question for this, what about the people who convicted the crime and was being charged before 17 October 2018?

Canada federal government announced that pardons will be issued to people who possessed 30 grams or less of cannabis and weed in November 2018. This is fair to those who convicted the crime before 17 October 2018 but that did not happen. People who convicted crime before 17 October 2018 will still need to wait until the law is in effect, then they are only eligible to apply for it.

This has brought criticize to the liberal government for not able to opting the criminal records. Thus, Canada government failed to achieve objective number 2.

Objective Number 3: “Safe supply of cannabis”

Cannabis has to be supplied by licensed supplier to ensure the safety and quality of the product. Law has been enforced by the Canada federal government to keep this objective meet.

Incident about receiving mouldy cannabis have been reported by some of the Canadians.

Reports of mould being sold in British Columbia and Ontaria were reported by RedeCan, one of the cannabis and weed manufacturer.

This means that the objectives for legalizing marijuana and weed is not achieved.

What is the good of online marijuana dispensary? – Medicalmarijuanabudsshop USA #1 Weed Store

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In the era of “chilled madness”, various forms of marijuana have been wrongly demonized as a dangerous and addictive drug. However, what the world sees today is completely different. Scientists and health professionals rent marijuana for its many health benefits and help control the side effects of chronic pain and other serious illnesses.

Cannabis is not only an excellent investment opportunity and a thriving business. By 2020, it also plans to offer more jobs than manufacturing companies. Of course, it’s also a way to have a good time. But how can you get it? Here’s how we buy marijuana in online dispensary- whether you’re an experienced smoker or just smoking.

Why choose Online Dispensary?


  1. More Choices and more options

Do you still need to buy one of the most compelling reasons for marijuana in online dispensary? There are many options for online shopping. If you go to a traditional pharmacy (or if you still buy from a reseller), you may have to accept what they gave you. Even if the pharmacy has some options, the people behind the counter may not have the time – let alone the interest – to help you determine what you like.

In addition, physical pharmacies can only sell anything. This means that if you encounter something more unusual, you may find it difficult to find it. In addition, they try to unload old stocks – which means you can not always get the best quality. The online marijuana dispensary has a larger inventory and you can browse it at your own pace without a high-pressure sales strategy.

2. High Secure of Privacy

You may not want some of the curious in your life to know that you are a green fan. But if you go to a local marijuana dispensary, it’s hard to hide what you get. In addition, especially if you start using marijuana, you may experience entry-level problems and you will feel ashamed of a pharmacy with experienced smokers.

Online shopping is a really non-judgmental area. A good online marijuana dispensary will also try to provide discrete and discreet packaging so that your neighbours are not smarter.

3. Anytime, Anywhere

What is one of the main reasons why so many people like a good online marijuana dispensary ? You do not need to do your hair, get on the bus and worry about what you want to buy marijuana.

You can connect to the Internet and wear what you want, anytime, anywhere. You do not have to worry about driving to the pharmacy and changing your schedule to use it.

This is especially important for those seeking marijuana to help treat chronic pain or other disabilities. If you feel unfit to leave the house, you can still get the relief you need.

4. More Promotion and Sales

Money is important – yes, even if you buy marijuana. It’s no secret that the same day, many street vendors will take you on a tour. However, you may be surprised to find that some physical pharmacies do the same thing.

online marijuana dispensary can offer coupons, gifts and other types of discounts that the online marijuana dispensary can not afford. In addition, online options have good relationships with businesses and marijuana makers and their buyers can benefit.

In addition, many offer free or discounted offers! They can afford it because they do not have to worry about saving money on store rents, employee salaries or even security. This means that you can benefit from savings.

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5. Knowledge under a tap

When you buy at an online marijuana dispensary, you need to feel comfortable because you work with people who really like what they do. online marijuana dispensary like ours are created by the best people in the industry – they want to share their knowledge with loyal customers. Many online marijuana dispensaries do not only sell marijuana, but they also want to create an exceptional shopping experience that gives people the opportunity to test different types of marijuana products.

There are also a variety of options, including a live chat, FAQ page, and blog, with information on how to get the most out of your smoking experience. Plus, by purchasing from a certified secure online marijuana dispensary, you can determine exactly what you’re getting. You will not get this type of security or warranty when you buy from a random reseller, sometimes even when you buy at a clinic.

What medical marijuana dispensary do to promote responsible use? – Medicalmarijuanabudsshop USA #1 Weed Store

A Marijuana dispensary serves as an excellent place where patients can get medical marijuana products. The latest data shows that Canadians are using marijuana for medical purposes more systematically. The dependence on cannabis and its abuse decreases more and more. Moreover, the results are far more encouraging, since young individuals are greatly affected by medical marijuana laws.

Safe and health-focused environment

The medical dispensaries provides an environment in which patients can get safe, health-focused marijuana. It is easier to establish a strong relationship with cannabis based on proper instructions and responsibilities than when the patient has been removed from his negative environment. The main goal of any medical cannabis program is to ensure that patients have safe and legal access to marijuana.

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Individual Attention and Relationships

By establishing a personal relationship with the patient, the marijuana dispensary offers a good understanding and control that is not possible in other contexts. Encourage patients to share their health goals with the team. Competent staff can advise you on the choice of product and dosage depending on the patient’s condition. Therefore, this association allows patients to make better choices and use marijuana in a controlled way.

Product Selection and Quality

The advanced cultivation methods used by recent medical cannabis producers provide customized solutions for patients with special needs. By identifying the symptoms of the appropriate cannabis strain, the patient can benefit from better treatment without unpleasant side effects. Another better option is to consider a reliable supplier offering cannabis weeds for sale. Responsible cannabis is a more viable goal to encourage people to use cannabis. Education helps people understand how to use marijuana is beneficial.