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2019 Top 10 Best Marijuana Strain Ranked

Every year there are always have some mount stars in the world of strain. In 2018, we saw gods green crack, pink panther, ice wreck, and black diamond kush were among the fastest growing in the popularity. At the start of 2019, which marijuana strain stood out of the mob?

We completed our survey over two thousand cannabis lovers. Each of them has chosen the top 10 over 250 types of labours based on their portfolio.

And now we have the outcome, here are some Top 10 Strain of 2019.

10. Grape God Strain

The ardour of Grape God Strain in the jar, the inhale, the exhale and the high: Grape. These are delicious smoke! Buds are medium dense and covered.


THC Snow is extraordinary cannabis. The excellent flavour and incredible levels of THC will impress anyone who smokes.

8. Purple Space Cookies

Purple Space Cookies experiences that the cannabis strains is light and enjoyable, with high energy to make you friendly and sociable. There is the effect provided by the first shot of the stress. The second shot feels a little different. It is more substantial and offers the feel of couch-locking.

7. Death Bubba Strain

Death Bubba Strain, this dominant strain of Indica rice relieves muscle tension and pain while reducing some minor physical problems. When the sequel begins to fade, Death Bubba drags everyone to a depth that lasts for hours and calms the sleep. Death Bubba is a useful tool to treat various types of diseases such as chronic pain, muscle tension, insomnia.

6. Chocolate Kush

Chocolate Kush makes dense heads that exude a strong cocoa flavor with a touch of little vanilla. Since Chocolate Kush is fundamentally a body variety, it is often needed to treat chronic pain, nausea, inflammation, anxiety, and insomnia and loss of appetite.

5. Blue God Strain

The height of Blue God Strain is mainly physical, with a quiet body snoring, drowsiness, and sofa blocking effect. But there are also limited brain characteristics, including the emotion of mental activity. Grapes and Kush are the main critical elements of the flavour and smell of this tasty variety, while the seeds are enough dark, purple, and sticky like glue.

4. Pink Bubba

The Pink Bubba gives the best service in the evening, offers a melting body to take rest and explode with a dreamy euphoria. It is not usually as he wanted as some of his Kush cousins. It’s still a special of many medical users.

3. Black Diamond Strain

Black Diamond Strain suggested for night smog in patients with insomnia that means “trouble sleeping” due to its high sedative level. These can be used to relieve pain, muscle cramps, nausea, and anxiety. Also, Black Diamond often causes users to stay hungry.

2. God’s Green Crack

God’s Green Crack gives the customers a higher level of concentration energy, while the various types of squat allow anyone’s body and mind to stay relaxed. Gods Green Crack is often used to heal chronic fatigue, ADHD, nausea, depression, migraines, which means a painful headache and appetite loss.

And here comes the

No. 1 Nuken Marijuana Strain

Nuken Strain offers a durable and incredibly relaxing body.  Nuken has been used to treat diseases such as chronic pain and inflammation, as well as mild cases of depression, anxiety, or chronic stress. These effects accompanied by deep introspection and may give some novice users the impression of having a little space. These are the reason why Nuken Strain has selected as the No. 1.

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How to differentiate Indica and Sativa?

You may notice that the strains are usually divided into two distinct groups: Indica and Sativa. Most consumers use these two types of cannabis as a standard for predictive effects of Indica vs. Sativa:

Indica is considered to have a physical sedative effect. And it is ideal for relaxing before a movie or having a drink before going to bed.

Sativa tends to offer more new and exciting brain effects that work well with physical activity, social encounters, and creative projects.

This belief that Indica vs. Sativa has a significant impact is rooted in the cultivation of cannabis and germination usually starts with asking the three types you like.

Read more about Guide to Indica vs. Sativa

However, data collected by cannabis researchers indicate that these categories are not as descriptive as might be expected. In other words, there is little evidence that Indica vs. Sativa have consistent patterns of evidence. The chemical identity that can make a person inherent. Quiet, another improvement. We know that Indica vs. Sativa has different appearance and growth, but this difference is only useful for cannabis producers.

Evolution of Indica vs. Sativa

In the 18th century, the words “Indica” and “Sativa” were introduced to describe different types of cannabis: cannabis and cannabis (Cannabis indica). The term Sativa, by the name of Carl Linneaus, describes the cannabis plants found in Europe and Western Eurasia. Where fiber and seeds are grown. Cannabis Indica, by the name of Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, describes the psychoactive variants found in India, where its seeds, tissue, and cannabis are harvested.

Although the varieties of cannabis we consume mainly derived from marijuana (Indica), both terms use, even incorrectly, to organize thousands of strains circulating on the market.

Here are the changes made to the term since the oldest botanical definition:

Today, the term refers to wide and narrow-leafed cannabis varieties that are thought to produce an energy effect.

-“Indica” describes a compact plant with broad leaves that would have a calming effect.

What we mean by “hemp” refers to non-alcoholic industrial varieties mainly used in fiber, seeds, and CBD. However, this was initially called Cannabis sativa.

Still Blur? Understandable. As you can see, with the large-scale commercialization of cannabis. The taxonomic distinction between cannabis species and subspecies began to become clear and calcified. It seems that the current use of the Indica vs. Sativa descriptors still exists, but as an informed consumer, it is essential to understand the real value of these categories.