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Kush and ganja will bring addiction.

There have been rumors saying that consuming kush and ganja will bring addiction to the consumer. Well, this is not entirely true. Addiction can be due to the mental instead of physical. A person with a healthy mind will not be addicted easily. However, a person with a weak mind will be addicted easily.

See! this is due to a mental issue. Another thing is the intention to consume. Some user consumes kush and ganja intending to reduce stress, to forget their pain after arguing with their partner, etc. With a higher plan, the addiction will be there. Thus, don’t consume kush with high intention.

How to consume marijuana?

There are several ways to consume weed. It can be from capsules or pills, from groceries or with toolkits like bongs and smoke. See the publication for more information.

Use and legal status

Weed and Kush are legal in Canada and the United States. However, some of the states of Canada and the United States have linearity different from the amount of grass consumed. See the state law in particular.


There have been rumors that the herb and kush will bring consumer addiction. However, the fact is that with a controllable amount of weed consumption per day, it will not cause any dependency on the person. However, it will bring some benefits to the person, such as treating headaches, insomnia, etc.


So the conclusion is, kush and ganja will not bring addiction. It will benefit the user from physical and mental illnesses such as headaches, insomnia, and stress. So, consume weed today.

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4 ways to Consume Ganja / Kush – Pills, Dabbing, Bongs & More

1. Pills or Capsules

Pills and Capsules are also known as Cannacaps. It is easy to consume without the need to smoke, burn, and pipe. It has become a great approach to consume weed or marijuana or ganja due to its conveniences. Usually, pills and capsules contain tobacco or grass, which is suspended in oil form. This approach provides the safest method to take weed or weed. It is also safe for a consumer with respiratory issues.

Summary of benefits of using pills and capsules:

  • Safer than smoke. This is due to the fact that tablets and capsules have fixed-dose or amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).
  • Capable of treating a variety of sickness when it is combined with other weed or ingredients. (Example: mixing with melatonin to help in sleeping.)
  • Duration of effect for THC is longer in pill and capsules.

2. Dabbing

Weed or marijuana, which is consumed in concentrates, is known as dabbing. The concentrated is made by extracting THC and other cannabinoids such as carbon dioxide or butane in a solvent.

The process to consume weed or marijuana is tedious and tricky. This is because it requires some specific equipment such as an e-mail, dab rig, concentrate pen, torch, or a miscellaneous of other products. However, consuming weed using a dabbing approach can be clean, pure, and high dose when the process to consume is correct. This is a benefit and access to your lungs than the other weed consuming approach.

3. Bongs

Bongs is an equipment that is used to smoke with tobacco. Bond’s physical appearance looks like a water pipe, and it is customized for weed smoker. Bongs are available in varies type of size and design, and it consists of water which is used to cool the smoke before smoker smoke it. This is to ensure that the smoke can reach your lungs and thus making the inhale a lot smoother.

The water in the bongs is also acted as a filter, which is used to remove some of the harmful substances such as carcinogens in the smoke. Consuming weed using bongs is popular because it provides ease and fast inhalations of high THC dose.

4. Bowls

Consuming plant using bowls is one of the easiest ways. This is because containers provide a clean consuming approach, and it tastes better if compared to the other method of weed consuming. Other than this, pots allow beginner weed consumer due to the capability to control the dose of THC. It also provides weed consumer to consume weed without using smoking paper as a joint.

Bowls are small hand pipes, and it is almost the same as tobacco pipes. Containers are usually made of glass. It can also be wood, metal, silicone, or ceramic.

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Basic fact about weed, kush and ganja.

What are the weed, kush, and ganja? Are they the same?

Weed is also known as kush and ganja. They are extracted from the cannabis plant. The dried leaves, stem, bud, and flower of the cannabis plant can be used to create a different type of ganja and kush. The hybrid of another kind of marijuana is known as a hybrid.

How to consume weed?

There are several ways to consume weed. It can be either from capsules or pill, from edibles or with toolkits such as bongs and smoke. Please refer to post for more information.

Use and Legal Status

Weed and kush are legal in Canada and the United States. However, some of the states in Canada and the United States have different linearity of the amount of kush to consume. Please refer to the particular state’s law.


There have been rumours saying that marijuana and kush will bring craving to the consumer. However, the fact is, with a controllable amount of marijuana consume per day will not cause any addiction to the person. However, it will bring some benefit to the person, such as to treat headache, insomnia, etc.

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